Money talk


Sharing my expertise in business funding, financial planning, debt management and wealth generation


Having run several organisations over the past two decades, in areas from baking to wealth management, I’ve got a lot of expertise to share about the financial side of running a business. As a natural entrepreneur, I’ve taken a few financial risks in my time. Some have paid off, others haven’t. But in the process I’ve learnt some valuable lessons about finance, both business and personal.


Backing up my practical experience I’ve got a solid grounding in business theory, thanks to my degree in Business Management.


I’m available for talks, seminars and interviews on any finance-related topic.


Here are a few of my areas of expertise:



Crowd funding
Seed funding
Venture capitalism
Making money online
Budgeting and projections


How to cut your debts down to £1 a month
How to check and repair your credit file
How to earn residual income
What to invest in
How to save on a low budget
Building a retirement fund
Building credit

From time to time I also share my thoughts and expertise on financial topics through my finance blog.


If you’re looking for input from a straight-talking, financially-savvy entrepreneur, please contact me to discuss how I can help.